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“Certified Team Leaders”, as used on this website, refers to individuals who have participated in and passed the Certified Team Leader course within the “Healthy for Life Program”.  The Healthy for Life Program is an educational, motivational, and accountability tool that has been clinically tested and proven effective in creating significant, long-lasting, life-style changes that lead to optimal health. 

Developed and operated by Health Concepts International in cooperation with Dr. Ray Strand, M.D., the program is a highly efficient and effective interactive, internet program.  The main focus of the program is on optimal nutrition, modest but regular exercise, and intelligent eating that does not spike one’s blood sugar.  Within this program, you will learn why an integrated approach in all three of these lifestyle areas is critical for significant, long-term improvement. 

While the Certified Team Leader course can be completed within thirty days, the Healthy for Life Program offers, as part of its standard service, a 15-month program.

The main purpose of the Team Leader Program is to develop a group of team leaders that understand the principles of the Health for Life Program and how the web site works.  Being personally certified by this program will further show that the individual has achieved a level of competence in understanding the life-style related problems that we all face daily.  It's an excellent opportunity for those wishing to improve their own health and then possibly assisting us in “passing it on”!

To learn more about the Certified Team Leader program, contact us.

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