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As part of MRE’s educational outreach to improve all areas of public health, it becomes obvious that reaching groups of people can sometimes be much more efficient than reaching one person at a time. With this in mind, MRE has taken what it believes to be a highly effective “Individual & Family Based Preventive Health & Wellness Program” and tailored it to fit the pressing needs of group health care.

With skyrocketing health care costs causing “bottom-lines” to plummet and many companies to close their doors, we would like to show you a new, potential no-cost, “supplement to your wellness program” that could save you thousands of dollars annually. The program is educational, motivational, and compliance-oriented. It can reach both employees and their families, a key component of any such program. It can be an “add-on” or “stand-alone” program.

You may already know that the national health care costs associated with obesity and overweight are edging past those of smoking. The incidence of cancer, heart disease, and a host of more than 70 chronic degenerative diseases continue to increase with no apparent signs of decline. The widespread effects of new viral infections, which take advantage of depressed autoimmune systems, are just around the corner. Still, 99% of our health care costs go into treatment vs. prevention. Modern medical research clearly shows us that we have more effective options.

While most people know that such “options” include the adoption of healthy lifestyles, including exercise and healthy eating habits, few people understand even the basics of “cellular nutrition”. Physicians, in particular, have very little training in this area.

Cellular nutrition is a specific subfield of modern nutritional medicine and has its origin and basis in the fields of microbiology and immunology.  It is based on the fact that the human cell is the basic building block of the body, and if one can protect, feed, and properly nutrient the cell, the body, in turn, will have an optimal chance of living a lifetime free of degenerative disease.

Today, we have learned how to keep such human cells alive and healthy in the laboratory for decades, almost indefinitely, and free of the effects of our damaging environment, oxidative stress, and resultant degenerative disease. Countless other studies have further documented this in the body.

MRE’s menu of health and wellness options include cellular nutrition as a basic lifestyle and are designed to provide employers and employees with cost-effective, science-based options that go far beyond “exercise and eat your veggies”. In a sentence, “This is NOT your grandma’s health and wellness program”. 

One comprehensive option includes the “Healthy for Life Program” offered by Dr. Ray Strand, M.D. with “Features and Benefits” as listed below. (This is the type of program recommended for many of those identified as having “High Risk” health issues on a confidential “Health Risk Assessment” HRA).

MRE Associates has the intellectual capitol to show you both the medical evidence and the financial outline of how this program could work for you. We look forward to sharing our “gifts” and serving you and your family.


“Healthy for Life Program”

Features & Benefits:

  • A clinically tested, successful program with 10 year history.
  • M.D. supervised.
  • Efficient, electronic, participant monitoring by Certified Team Leader.
  • 12 week program.
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) included.
  • Daily journal automatically graded in “Self Directed” program option.
  • Personalized education, motivation, support, and accountability in developing a triad of healthy lifestyles:
    • Learning to eat a healthy diet that does not spike your blood sugar.
    • Developing a modest, consistent exercise program, and
    • Consuming what we refer to as “cellular nutrition”.

  • The innumerable health benefits shown in countless studies to be associated with lifestyle improvement, plus “the side affect of weight loss”.
  • Options of “Personal Healthy Lifestyle Coach”, “Self Directed”, or “Combination” programs.
  • The option of blood work, for “before and after” comparisons.
  • Daily motivational and educational emails for 12 weeks direct from Dr. Strand.
  • HIPPA compliant.
  • Web based.
  • 20% discount off any Healthy for Life program chosen.

Clinical Trial Results: (at 12 weeks):*

*(Conducted under IRB/FDA Supervision & Guidelines)

  • 13 Lb. average weight loss
  • 2 1/2 inch waist reduction
  • 8% blood pressure reduction
  • 17% total cholesterol drop
  • 21% LDL cholesterol drop
  • 31% triglyceride drop
  • 12% insulin sensitivity increase
  • 34% oxidative stress reduction

Participant Costs:

  • $49.95 for the “Self Directed” plan.
  • Any additional or reduced costs for foods consumed.
  • Any additional or reduced costs for supplements consumed.

Additional Benefits via MRE Associates:

  • Family based options.
  • Buddy Systems.
  • “Contract with Yourself”
  • “Small group” formation and leadership.
  • Extensive, local, professional support, including educational materials, seminars, and leadership.
  • Potential manufacturer rebate options to reduce costs.

For more group information: contact us

For more nutrition information: AMA Speaks Out

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