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  1. Optimal health and fitness is based largely upon healthy diet, exercise, and “cellular nutrition” (supplements).
  2. Most people exhibiting the need for changes in life styles have had negative experiences in achieving their goals. These poor experiences often prompt the construction of psychological defense barriers to protect from further emotional stress.
  3. The change to healthy eating habits and regular physical exercise can be physically and emotionally difficult for many people, especially for those who need it the most.
  4. The more severe the need, the more severe the difficulty in changing lifestyles.
  5. It is virtually impossible today for anyone to obtain the optimal levels of nutrients needed through the foods we eat.
  6. Optimal supplementation alone has been proven, without a question of doubt, to have a very significant impact on reducing the incidence and the impact of over 70 chronic degenerative diseases. Appropriate exercise and good eating habits greatly assist this also.
  7. Supplementation is the easiest of the 3 lifestyles to change and should be started first, or as soon as possible. This is because optimal nutrition at the cellular level paves the way for and greatly enhances other life-style changes.
  8. Education is the key to achieving optimal nutrition levels.
  9. Optimal nutrition greatly increases the length of time that people stay with their exercise program and their dietary changes. Exercise doesn't have to hurt. Optimal nutrition reduces aches and pains, facilitates efficient metabolic processes, motor activity, all neurological functions, better eating habits, and all body functions. 
  10. All the above improves self-image and greatly enhances self-discipline.

People who stay with their life-style changes and feel less pain are much happier. They tell others.  Others see the results. Proper example and “peer pressure” can make this cascade contagious.

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