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If you are a coach, a trainer, or a serious athlete, you may not know it, but your driving enthusiasm for improved performance could be sowing the seeds for many long-term illnesses. We wish to strongly advise you to examine the validity of this statement further. Doing so will not only lead to improved levels of performance, but improved long-term health.

You may recall that it was Dr. Kenneth Cooper, who first coined the term “aerobics” in the early 1970’s. At that time, Dr. Cooper was encouraging everyone to get about 15 miles or more of aerobic activity. But twenty years later, Dr. Cooper’s Aerobic Center in Dallas, Texas was being inundated by a large number of “super-exercisers”, who were, in fact, severely suffering from chronic degenerative diseases and were dying prematurely. These over-exercisers were simply creating more “oxidative stress” on their cells than they could neutralize with the antioxidants they had in their bodies.

To warn others in 1994, Dr. Cooper wrote the “Antioxidant Revolution”. Our list of chronic degenerative diseases related to oxidative stress has grown to more than 70 diseases, including all our most dreaded diseases. We have also learned that you don't have to be a serious athlete to experience this type of cellular damage. Children and teens, whose bodies are all growing at exceptionally rapid rates, experience this cellular stress, even without being serious athletes.  Athletes without proper cellular nutrition may be laying an unseen foundation until problems that often don't become evident for 20-30 years later.

We encourage all coaches, trainers, and athletes to follow the example set by the U.S. Olympic coaches and athletes, plus countless other professional trainers. To find out more about today’s cutting edge scientific approach to safe and effective performance improvement for all ages, click AMA Speaks Out (and follow links to “Olympic Athletes”)                                                           

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