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Although we are all educators in one form or another, professional educators have a special opportunity to impact people’s lives.  But, as people who care about others, educators often neglect their own needs, sometimes failing to hear the messages that their bodies are sending them.  The message could be a symptom serving as a warning.

It’s never too late to teach an old body new tricks, especially if the brain is receiving the correct nutrients.  This has been dramatically and repeatedly demonstrated with dogs and omega-3’s.  Those older dogs that were supplemented with omega-3’s, learned their new tricks quickly.  The older dogs that received no omega-3’s in their diet, failed to learn any of the new tricks.  So as not to offend anyone, we have countless studies with humans that show the same thing.

Therefore, all educators are encouraged to review the content of our “Psychologists” page and perhaps our AD/HD page and links.  Also, feel free to Contact Us with questions.

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