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Weight Loss, Metabolic Syndrome, and Diabetes

The United States Center for Disease Control in Atlanta has recently issued a warning for everyone with ears. They have predicted that about 30% of all children born after the year 2000 will become diabetic at some time in their lives. If you are black or Hispanic, your chances rise to 50%.

Type II diabetes, which constitutes about 90% of all diabetic cases, is a very serious, but largely preventable chronic degenerative disease. Although most diabetics normally die from a heart attack or stroke, the disease is often a dreadful, dehabilitating experience. If you are an Asian American between the ages of 40 and 65, there is a 40% chance that you are already prediabetic, a serious condition that you need to correct immediately.

Healthy Alternatives

The good news, however, is that a great deal can be done through adopting simple and effective lifestyles to prevent and even reverse Type II diabetes. Many of you reading this page have heard this before: “Eat your veggies, eat less fat (or something else), and start exercising.” If this is what you’ve been told, it's clear why you may have failed.

“Calories in” does not simply equal “calories out”. Modern research shows us it is not that simple. Diets, of almost any type, are just “short-term solutions to long-term problems.” People become so concerned with losing weight, because that's what is so apparent in the mirror, that they never take time to understand the real reason why they're fat!

In almost all cases, excessive mid-body fat has its root cause in the body’s lack of sensitivity to its own insulin. When we eat a “high-glycemic” meal, which is one that rapidly spikes our blood glucose levels, the beta cells in the pancreas immediately produce an infusion of insulin to bring the blood glucose levels back down to within the normal range.

Often, the body’s balancing act, unintentionally allows the blood glucose levels to be driven too low, i.e. below the fasting blood glucose level. This can lead to dizziness or worse, before other counter-regulatory hormones bring the blood glucose levels up again.


When another high-glycemic meal is consumed, the whole roller coaster episode begins again, each time leaving its small but accumulating damages. Part of this damage is reflected in the fact that by the age of 40, most people have a 30%-50% closing off of their arteries. Not only is the entire cardiovascular system being continuously damaged in this manner, but the body is constantly becoming less sensitive to its own insulin. Consequently, the body produces higher and higher levels of insulin to do the same work, until the beta cells in the pancreas start to wear out.

If you have not seen our AD/HD page, and other pages relating to the need for proper brain chemistry, which controls hormones and most body functions, we recommend doing so. It may be obvious, but worth repeating, “Dieting usually only leads to less of certain things”. More often than not, you're getting too much of something because you're getting too little of something IMPORTANT, like critical nutrients. Learn much more about this subject and the simple, safe, and effective steps that you can take to break the cycle of “transgenerational” poor health. Start a new “healthy life legacy” today.

Start with a strong program of cellular nutrition. Our web page entitled "The Health Improvement Cascade", explains why.

Then, learn about the AMA’s Recommendations, the difference between RDA’s vs Optimal Nutrition and What to Look for When Shopping for Supplements.

After viewing the above, learn how to break your very REAL carbohydrate addiction, how to eat without spiking your blood sugar, and what a modest but consistent exercise program could look like. Visit MRE Wellness Programs on this website and then

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