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MRE’s Individual & Family Based Preventive Health & Wellness Program (Some Characteristics)

Health and wellness (or lack of) is a biopsychosocial phenomenon that has no boundaries. Ultimately, it amounts to an individual decision that also affects many others.  Enhanced decision-making skills that can lead to healthier lifestyles can be promoted or repressed in the workplace, the school, and especially the home.  We promote an integrated and comprehensive approach to wellness.                                              


  • Individual or family.
  • Family based.
  • Parent organized (or employer organized).
  • Professionally guided.
  • Scientifically supported.
  • Medically sound.
  • Individually paced.
  • Voluntary.
  • School supportive.
  • Community connected..
  • Open to all (with some restrictions).
  • Continuous.
  • Free.

What?  (Summary)

Education > Motivation > Action > Support > Accountability.


  • Cancer, diabetes, excessive weight, heart disease, AD/HD, depression, stress, excessive prescriptive drugs, and autoimmune insufficiencies are spiraling upward, devastating families and threatening national productivity.
  • 99% of our national health care budget now spent on treatment vs. prevention.
  • The A.M.A. and massive research reports: prevention is possible NOW!
  • Education is the key.
  • Health issues are transgenerational. (Family members affect others in a family.)
  • Lifestyle changes (that can be difficult) need to be implemented asap.
  • MRE’s “Health Improvement Cascade” outlines the process and rationale.


Although not essential, MRE strongly advises individuals, or at least one adult from each family to enroll in Dr. Ray Strand’s (M.D.), “Healthy for Life Program”.  The “Features & Benefits” of this very reasonably priced, 15 month, web-based program are listed below.  (Neither MRE nor any of its associates receive any commissions from Dr. Strand’s program.)  However, for details and a 20% discount code, click on Contact Us and check “Healthy for Life Info.”

Features & Benefits:

  • A clinically tested, successful program with 10 year history.
  • M.D. supervised.
  • Efficient, electronic, participant monitoring by Certified Team Leader.
  • 12 week program.
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) included.
  • Daily journal automatically graded in “Self Directed” program option.
  • Personalized education, motivation, support, and accountability in developing a triad of healthy lifestyles:
    • Learning to eat a healthy diet that does not spike your blood sugar.
    • Developing a modest, consistent exercise program, and
    • Consuming what we refer to as “cellular nutrition”.

  • The innumerable health benefits shown in countless studies to be associated with lifestyle improvement, plus “the side affect of weight loss”.
  • Options of “Personal Healthy Lifestyle Coach”, “Self Directed”, or “Combination” programs.
  • The option of blood work, for “before and after” comparisons.
  • Daily motivational and educational emails for 12 weeks direct from Dr. Strand.
  • HIPPA compliant.
  • Web based.
  • 20% discount off any Healthy for Life program chosen.

Clinical Trial Results: (at 12 weeks):*

*(Conducted under IRB/FDA Supervision & Guidelines)

  • 13 Lb. average weight loss
  • 2 1/2 inch waist reduction
  • 8% blood pressure reduction
  • 17% total cholesterol drop
  • 21% LDL cholesterol drop
  • 31% triglyceride drop
  • 12% insulin sensitivity increase
  • 34% oxidative stress reduction

Participant Costs:

  • $49.95 for the “Self Directed” plan.
  • Any additional or reduced costs for foods consumed.
  • Any additional or reduced costs for supplements consumed.


  • While Dr. Strand and MRE Associates recommend the use of USANA Health Sciences’ nutritional supplements and meal replacement products, the program does provide alternative, healthy menus.
  • Participants in the clinical studies used the doctor recommended USANA products and probably reduced their monthly food expense.
  • “Redirectional spending” can be an important part of making healthier lifestyle choices.
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